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Old Navy
Survey Monkey
University of San Francisco (Costume Designer)
One Direction
LittleMissMatched (Creative Director)
Independent Newsweekly (Art Director)
Teak Digital
Great Place to Work Institute
Smarter Medical Care (Art Director)
Climate Theater (Artist in Residence and Costume Designer)
Over 50 small businesses, theater groups and individuals


" Many designer's creativity is limited to one discipline. Rebecca, however, has a gift for visual design, fluidity with words and intuitively understands the target customer."
Jonah Staw, Globally recognized innovator, Co-founder and chairman of LittleMissMatched and former Strategist at Frog Design

"I loved working with Rebecca because she brings such creativity and authenticity to her work.  When she takes on a project, she gives it her full attention!  And she brings a marvelous blend of passion, enthusiasm, and practicality to her work.  I could always trust that she would come up with great ideas and then figure out how to execute them or adapt them so that they worked within the whole.  She's engaged, easy-going, and yet so productive.  A dream to work with!"
 Christine Young, theater director and USF professor

"Rebecca is a brilliant artist who is an expert in both branding and design. The nuance of her work is incredible, she understands how the curl of a "c" or a slight change in font can either enhance or lessen a message. I love working with Rebecca because she truly listens to what I want, then creates something even better than what I am capable of envisioning."
Jessica Rohman, Director of Content, Great Place to Work Institute

"Rebecca does a great job at blending her sense of creativity with my sense of a deadline."
-Brian Rodvien, Co-founder and CEO of Smarter Medical Care


My work is largely inspired by the natural world and living organisms. Through observation and advanced study of sacred geometry, I aspire to create within the guidelines set forth by nature's color palettes, organic compositions and materials.

I'm well versed at holding complex ideas and coming up with simple solutions that take into account budget, available resources, ease of development, efficiency and effectiveness while creating a lasting impact that easily communicates objectives.

I hold a BFA in Graphic Design from the Academy of Art University. My work has been recognized by the International Museum of Women and has been seen in the New York Times and SF Weekly.  


Case studies and in-depth portfolio examples available upon request.